What do you get from Accounting Services?

Even if you think that you don't need all stated segments, or do not know what would you do with these information, you will discover its benefits very soon. We are not more expensive than others, we simply give you more for your money.

  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements for the Company
  • Reporting for the needs of the Group and Management (regular and ad hoc)
  • Identifying inter-company transactions and balances
  • Posting of all invoices, contracts, decisions, accounting documents, as well as verification of compliance according to regulations
  • Analytical review of suppliers and reconciliation of open balances (IOS)
  • Reporting of lenders and preparation of documentation in the process of analysis
  • Full control of the correctness of all accounting documents (exit and input) for VAT and other tax purposes
  • Posting bank statements, cash register and tsl.
  • Posting of deferrals, latent taxes, tax assets and liabilities
  • Checking and controlling all accounts in the general ledger and reports
  • Compliance with related legal entities
  • Harmonization of statutory and group reports in terms of local regulations and IFRS
  • Posting of inventories and inventory in the register
  • Monthly write-in of depreciation
  • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns, as well as other tax obligations (VAT, property tax, income tax, company taxes, eco fees …)
  • Keeping records in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and preparing reports for the NBS (National Bank of Serbia) and the Ministry of Finance

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