What do you get from Financial Consulting service?

Even if you think that you do not need all mentioned aspects or do not know what to do with it, you will find out the benefits very soon. We are not more expensive than others, but we give you bigger value for your money.

  • Payment by e-banking in accordance with the Company's instructions and in accordance with contractual obligations, as well as tax liabilities for tax returns
  • Monitoring current liquidity on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis through cash flow reports and paying attention to the time for future cash needs
  • Control and servicing of all credit lines that are a liability of the Company
  • Monitoring of repayment plans and dates of currency liabilities to suppliers and creditors
  • Cooperation with a foreign exchange conversion bank and negotiation for better exchange terms
  • Preparation of all documents necessary for a partner bank
  • Archiving of the original documentation from the current year (copies)

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